Drone Workshops

Register in one of our Drone Workshops (for kids 8-17) to open the doors to this amazing hobby.

Benefits of Drone Technology for STEM Learning:

  1. Easy and fun way for kids to be introduced into the world of coding and electronics. 
    • At Roverwiz, we not only allow your kids to fly the drone, but enable them to begin engaging in more advanced drone maneuvers. They will learn how to code the drones to fly in specific patterns (e.g., programming angle of turns and flips) and allow your child to be more familiar with how electronics work together to make a drone function.
  2. Expand your child’s knowledge on aerodynamics through engaging activities.
    • Drone is a fun way for your child to explore aerodynamics because a drone’s ability to fly is based on aerodynamics. Drones move across 3 dimensional space–changing the way the propellers will change the way a drone moves.
  3. Further develop their critical thinking and communication skills.
    • Thinking and team building games and activities through drones are the bases of how your child can develop the ability to work and communicate with others, while enjoying brain teasing activities.